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  • 請問你們有實體店面嗎?在哪裡呢?
    營業時間:週二~週四、週日 14:00-20:00,週五、週六 14:00-21:00

  • 請問你們的商品是手工的嗎?

  • 請問商品的材質是什麼呢?會過敏嗎?

  • 請問商品有保固嗎?有什麼售後服務嗎?

  • 請問商品製作天數?

  • 請問你們郵寄的範圍到哪裡?

  • 若買錯尺寸怎麼辦?

  • 有提供客製化的服務嗎?

  • Do you have an actual store? Where is it?
    Our store is located at No.1, Ln. 26, Chang'an W. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104001.
    Our open time is Tues.,Thurs.~Sun. 14:00-20:00 / Fri-Sat 14:00-21:00

  • Are all items handmade?
    We do everything from design, patterning to production, and here you can find special silver jewelry designs and sizes that fit you best.

  • What is the material of the product? Is it easy to cause allergies?
    All products are made of 925 silver or sterling silver, only a few are gold-plated products and copper products. The material introduction will also be listed on the product information page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Does the product come with a warranty? Is there any after-sales service?
    All products provide a one-year non-artificial damage warranty, we also provide paid maintenance services.
    Also, all silver-style products are provided with free lifetime maintenance. Welcome to visit us during business hours for the service.

  • How long does it take to make a new product?
    Most of the products are made to order. Silver jewelry will take around 12 business days, Gold-plated products will take around 15 business days. When the items are ready,they will be sent as soon as possible.

  • Where do you ship to?
    For shipping information,please click here.

  • What if I bought the wrong size?
    All silver ring products provide a free size change (except gold-plated products). If you need the service, please contact our Line customer service: @asavingcom

  • Do you provide customized services?
    We currently only provide our original design products.But we’re happy to adjust some designs of the product for you.Feel free to come visit us for the service.