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換尺寸|原創銀飾系列戒指,若需更換尺寸請於7天內(取貨日算起)聯繫官方Line: @asavingcom




戒指:300元(含鍍好寄回的費用,不含寄至a saving com的費用)
項鍊:500元(含鍍好寄回的費用,不含寄至a saving com的費用)

換貨|收到飾品後 ,如有任何嚴重瑕疵,請於7天內(取貨日算起)拍下清楚照片及說明,回傳至a saving com客服信箱info@asavingcom.com,將有專人與您聯繫。

退貨|A Saving com目前不提供退貨服務,飾品屬於貼身物品,接觸空氣、沾到汗水都會產生些微氧化反應,除非重大瑕疵提供換貨,售出後不提供退貨,請您諒解後再進行購買,謝謝。

Change size|All rings from our original series can be changed size for free once within one month of receiving the item.If you need to change the size, please contact us. Line:@asavingcom

Maintenance|All silver jewelry from our collection has provided free permanent maintenance.  Feel free to visit or mail it to our studio for the service.
Address: 1F, No. 1, Lane 26, Changan West Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

One year warranty (excluding re-plating)

Re-plating|Cost of work required (This service is limited to Taiwan area)
Ring: 300 NT (including the cost of plated and returned, excluding the cost of sending to a saving com)
Necklace: 500 NT (including the cost of plated and returned, not including the cost of sending to a saving com)

Exchange|If there is any serious defect on the goods, please contact us with a clear photo of the item and a short description of the damaged part within 7 days (counting from the pickup date).
a saving com customer service info@asavingcom.com.

Returns|A Saving com currently does not provide return services. We see jewelry as a personal item, unless there is a major defect, we will not provide returns after the sale. Please understand before purchasing.