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Summer memories necklace -Willow

NT$ 5,800.00


今年的 Summer Collection 滿足了自己對夏日飾品的期待,手工製作的粗鏈條,搭配小米形狀的淡水珍珠,隱藏的扣環設計,使它完全沒有破綻,隨意改變珍珠與鏈條露出的比例,就是不一樣的感覺,而厚厚的純銀材料雖然重量增加,卻有更好的質感。希望往後的夏季都有它陪伴的項鍊,豐富我的夏日記憶。


Summer memory necklace— The memory of the summer is always sultry sun, hot sun, and blue sky. The rain falls dramatically, and people get wet consistently . Even though we still love summer, right?

The summer collection has fulfilled our expectations, the handmade chunky chain,the tiny little pearls,and the hidden buckle design. Makes it become a perfect self-change pieces.The thickness of the silver that we put in.also turn out to a better quality.We hope it can stay with you each and every summer.

The body of the chain is full hand training, and the pearls on the side makes the design more funny. Add a big walnut pearl at the end. I guess summer is getting fresher.


長度:41 公分

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